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yes, let’s!

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oh la la

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Where would I be without pinterest?  Less creative, more productive? quite possibly!  its got its ups and downs just like any other obsession.  Are  you following my pins?

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fashion inspired pinterest board / BOOM image

ship & shape

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I just stumbled across this neat-O website called SHIP & SHAPE and I am digging their super basic designs!  I really love those gold eye earrings





great madness

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I saw this quote and kind of fell in love with.  What is it about being a mad scientists and a genius that sounds so alluring?


print by charlotte anabar | quote by Seneca, Epistles

just a little note

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My friend in California contacted me to make a few sets of inspirational note cards – ya know just little notes you can leave for people in presents or if they are having a bad day.  How cute of an idea is that?  We went over some quotes we both love and these are the finished results!  I think I may have to print a set out for myself!

photo (19)

^designs by charlotte anabar



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Less is more this holiday and with this beautiful Florida weather it’s extremely easy to leave the house all glammed out and no jacket in sight!  That’s my kind of December!


arm candy clutch | Dress | bracelet | heels

finals mode

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Thanksgiving break isn’t really a break with finals wheeling around the corner.

the weekend

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I drove back to Vero Beach for the weekend to moonlight as a photographer for the Decorative Arts Apparel & My Family.  The Decorative Arts shoot  took place in the old diesel plant in Vero Beach, Florida (photos below).  We had this idea for chic design in an industrial setting and we nailed it!  Taking photos proved to be a lot of fun.  I’m not a photographer by any means – in fact, I was borrowing cameras left and right all weekend!   I like to think I can imitate what I see and what I like pretty well.   These shoots made me realize I need a serious camera   (sorry iphone!)

all photos  by charlotte anabar // instagram // models: Deb Daly, Rosanne Moler, Wendy Shafranski, Jenn Matesic,

family photos //  Sam, Kristen and Jack Tripson


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Featured on Inspired By This Instagram!


print by charlotte anabar

some days / style 04

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 Thursday was such a bad day that I was sitting in another school’s office looking to transfer out of the web design program at UCF.  I like to think I was just being proactive in case this semester did not pan out like I had hoped.    I sent angry texts and emails letting a few people know how upset I was and that I’d tried my best but I was going to transfer into an easier / different program somewhere else.  I’m pretty impulsive.   Anyway, it ended up not being the case.  You just have to keep chugging along and believing in yourself  (plus surround yourself with people that believe in you!) .  by 5Pm I had settled down and then Friday came and my worries were  gone and  I had a little pep in my step once again. It just goes to show ya  “Some days are just simply better than others”.

Here’s a jam up song if you’re feeling in a funk like i was 

shirt | necklace | some day print | The Lake at Rollins in Winter Park | Photo Credit : Josh Janousky