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that feeling

In ideas on June 2, 2012 at 7:11 pm

image || bri emery

I never ever ever ever come across people that want to mentor me in the graphic design field (it’s more hobby not my focus). They either keep their sources to themselves or just have that artsy jerky thang going on – not all but I have come across some.  I did join the graphic design club at UCF so I’m excited for that in the fall…  but when i read all these fly blogs everyone is in California (or New York!) and everyone knows each other and is successful in their ventures and well known – it makes me so jealous it makes me want to just finish school and get a plane ticket straight out there to be with mah peeps but that’s not really a rational reason, or maybe it is.  Only time will tell… 1 year to be exact.  Time to get ze ball rollin’