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Dave & Cindy kind of day

In dave & cindy, i made this on February 6, 2014 at 4:42 pm

A few weeks ago I took photos of David Busch and Cindy O’Dare for their radio show (and personal archives!).  I love working with these two because creatively, we are all on the same page – anything goes!  We all just showed up with bags of costumes.   I like to think of them as the modern day Rock Hudson and Doris Day.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the day!

IMG_5288 copy





photos by Charlotte Anabar Tripson

Chelsea’s on Cardinal

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I was so excited when David Busch told me he was going to be the new owner of Chelsea’s on Cardinal in Vero Beach.  We decided we needed a temporary, newish logo for the announcement this week.  Here you can find their old one.   Because the business is merely switching hands for right now and no big changes will occur for a bit I wanted to keep their identity but, ya know, just give it a little pizzazz and I think it did just that!  I was happy. David was happy. We were happy!


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The Dave and Cindy Show just launched their new website and I am really excited because we’ve all been talking about this for quite a while now!  The web guru behind it is Alexis Corry from Lex & Lynne  !   This is such a huge step for their radio show!  I love the show and I love Dave and Cindy so obviously I’m just over the moon at their brand expansion!  Dave_Cindy)logo1


top logo by Charlotte Anabar | webpage by Alexis Corry

Dave & Cindy!

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Over Christmas break I did a photo shoot with David Busch and Cindy O’Dare for their radio show  on Waxe1370!  We had a ton of fun and their inspiration was a Wes Anderson type shoot (which I loved) I can do funky that’s for sure – and they can too!  Check out these photos we took at Waldo’s Secret Garden! Oh!  And this first picture below… all that brightness back there was a sun shower that stuck us in the barn for longer than expected but how cool did that turn out?!





Dave and Cindy!

In i made this on December 17, 2012 at 5:12 pm

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by my friends David Busch and Cindy O’dare for their talk show on WAXE 1370.  All about my designs & Waldo’s Garden! It airs this Friday at 3PM {this link will take you right to it}

charlotte guest

cha cha cha chia chong

In fun, ideas, things on May 8, 2012 at 8:58 am

I’m loving this photographer more more!  I fell upon Chia Chong via the dave & cindy show.  Check out the diversity