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etsy finds!

In Ain't my art on May 22, 2013 at 3:24 pm

I feel like I’ve been lacking in creativity lately.  Well, maybe not lacking but it’s definitely on a hiatus – hidden for a bit until I finish a bunch of other work – but in the meantime, I tried to get the creative juices flowing so I sauntered over to etsy… it worked!  It always works!  Check out these lovely finds I may need to make mine!



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print mastah

In work on April 3, 2012 at 11:38 am

I’ve got a ton of chevrons going to print today and I am so excited!

source: charlotte anabar 

vintage chevron

In ideas, work on April 2, 2012 at 2:42 pm

In the process of making a series of vintage inspired prints!  E-mail me if you’re interested – I’ll keep posting them as I go!  can’t stop jammin’ to this tune