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wise words of breanna rose

In ideas on September 11, 2013 at 1:13 pm

This is all from a blogger I follow Breanna Rose

After receiving several emails inquiring about blogging platforms, I thought I would create a post for bloggers discussing the subject. While I highly suggest hiring a designer to create your own custom design, I realize that isn’t always in everyone’s budget from the get go, so I’m writing this from the perspective of template usage. The first thing you will need to do is decide which service you’d like to use for publishing. While there are many out there, the two that I always recommend are SquareSpace and WordPress ( self-hosted ). Their ease of use and support are what make them winners in my book, but I’ll dive more into them both below.

While I personally use WordPress, let’s start with SquareSpace ( SS ). Because if I hadn’t already paid for 2 years of hosting, I think I would switch over to SS sooner than later. You see, the thing that has always captured my attention with SS is their beautiful user interface. It’s much easier on the eyes and as a designer, I’ve definitely taken notice. Plus, they have several meticulously well designed templates that you can choose from and customize ( drag + drop style ), all of which do not require any HTML/CSS knowledge. A definite plus for beginners! Ultimately, you would receive a free domain name, an easily editable template, and a very secure website. It’s an all inclusive package that will leave you worry free.


words & image by Breanna Rose

wise words

In Ain't my art on October 3, 2012 at 12:34 pm

I just found this from a designer I admire

things i like

In fun, ideas on June 22, 2012 at 11:30 am

A post completely dedicated to blogs i like, places I go, and one thing I just learned.  Trying to get inspired and then i remembered that I needed to share the wealth!

 I || coco + kelley  [for interior design inspiration]

II || lime in the coconut [vero beach reppin’ , nurse, muse, interior designer at heart, crazy amazing eye for design]

III || i am breanna rose [besides her chic designs,  her eye for typography + music is rad… it just felt good saying rad.]

IIII || Mrs. Lilien’s Styling House  [it’s funky, funky fresh.  It’s disheveled yet organized, bright. happy, and unique! ]

AND!  Last but not least, I recently found out that you can find the source of a random picture (uh hmmm pinterest) just by dragging the image into the browser. see below.

this is SO important for people on the inter- web! I mean wouldn’t you be a little ticked if someone else was getting credit for your work?