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Just a few images to try and get inspired today!


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the weekend is here!

free dizzzownload

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I went on a little rampage yesterday here, here, and here.   Because I was just so happy with everything I bought – here’s a free download for ya!  Happy Thursday!


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Happy Friday!   I’m looking forward to a little 5 O’ clock cocktail hour this evening.

a plant’s life

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donkey tail succulents!

flowers, for me?

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This post has inspired me to run to the store and grab fresh flowers … at an old apartment I had Boston Ferns on the porch and I said if I could keep those alive I would get a puppy.  They died, I still got a puppy and little Sadie is still alive.


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now this is a menu I’d take home with me and hang on a wall!


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i woke up in a frivolous mood.  I love white.  I’ll buy an $100 white tank top if it suits me.  The problem is there are no nice white dresses available except in J.crew’s wedding section so I resorted to researching these lovely little dresses.  I would totally wear one of these on my wedding day or reception or to a random cocktail party.  They are just that amazing.

some things from…

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travel bubble

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  places to go people to see