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I found this cute dino over at Angela + Ithyle.  we happen to have one too!  I thought my parents were completely bonkers when they brought it home (from ethan allen?) – completely erect, on the back of a flat-bed (they’d been driving around town with it that way too).  I’m sure the neighbors think we are gypsies.

this week…

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… in great things. 

I found a couple really neat things I wanted to share!  Anybody else love instagram?  instagram = magnets over at stickygram. Ow!

Cinemagr.am was how I made that jellyfish move in my DIY post.  It turns your still recordings into tiny movements!

My final and most exciting is the letterpress company I found in Orlando called  Mama’s Sauce!  I’m looking forward to working with them … they seem amazingly amazing. Too much amazing?

just for fun

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these would be neat to have on the wall.

source: violet may 

fancy dinners

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I have a real affinity for center pieces or anything that happens to draw attention on a table, to be honest. These pictures just made my heart sink.

rustic dinner || bold color vases possibly jonathan adler?| fancy moss ball din din:unkown

so fresh and so clean clean

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 I always forget to buy fresh flowers so for now succulents & bright pots will have to suffice.  I found this pot at Target for a $1 & the faux succulents at Decorative Arts  AND check out this other $1 bin target DIY creation over at we see rainbows

The other competition on the coffee table. Look closely.

animate your video!  Coolest new APP : Cinemagr.am

statements being made

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you know the old saying ‘ if you can’t beat ’em, join me. ‘

sutton hoo

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Sometimes you have to believe the crazy ones!  I was learning about Sutton Hoo this morning.  Basically the owner of the land, Mrs. Edith Pretty (great name), was like ” I hear noises like a parade and sometimes I see warriors at dusk and dawn” and of course she sounded completely bonkers so she enlisted Basil Brown (another awesome name) to dig into the ancient mounds on her property.  Low and behold he uncovered the remains of a MASSIVE burial ship from the 7th century.

I liked the story and I liked this picture of the dig even more – that’s Mrs. pretty and her friends at the top enjoying themselves while Basil and his men dig in their fancy attire

book art!

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winterberrycottage for etsy 

just because!

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wood work

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This is absolutely awesome and I see them often lately  … this is a little too much for a first project but I’ll start with a C .. for now.