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Hibiscus Festival

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Katie O’Dare (Knees On Leaves) & I are so excited to have a booth at the Hibiscus Festival this year that is Sponsored by Waldo’s Secret Garden!  We love Vero like crazy and can’t wait to able to permanently move back but for now we blow into town, throwing caution to the wind every other weekend and paint the city red!  Stop by and see us!  OH!  Also sign up for Katie’s Terrarium workshop at Chelsea’s Market on Cardinal!  Seats are Limited.

link love here: SIGN UP

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We all stick together!

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I don’t often post personal stuff but when it hits close to home I feel that I must share with whoever is listening…I am copying and pasting these words straight from my sister in law’s blog !  The Butlers, My Brother and Sister in law’s great friends,  were more than generous with our  family when my Brother was going through cancer  and I feel extremely compelled to help them in any way I can…

From the blog ” Oh Happy Day!”…

This is Waylon.  He’s an incredibly smart baby, listens intently to everything you say, and adores Mickey Mouse. He’s the son of our good friends, Will and Lauren Butler.  Waylon was recently diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1, a genetic disease for which there is no cure.  Obviously, their world has been turned upside down. There is currently a fundraising effort going on to help with some of their growing medical bills. Sam and I are selling raffle tickets for a weekend Hog Hunt out at Barthle Brothers Ranch. Tickets are $20 each or 8 for $100. If you donate $100 you’ll also get a handmade pie courtesy of Tripson Pie Co.

( speaking the truth here Kristen’s pies are like… angelic and amazing )



Waldo’s Secret Garden

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It is so crazy how 2013 just began and Waldo’s Secret Garden is gearing up for our 3rd wedding of the spring season!  It’s wild to say this but we only have 2 dates left for 2013 and then we’re booked! It’s been a dream come true for our “official year open”.  If you have a loved one looking for a wedding venue or you are on the hunt for a unique and rustic wedding venue contact us for the available dates!   And don’t forget … We’ve already started booking our 2014 weddings so don’t be hasty – shoot us an email and let’s set up a tour!


Photos by Vitalic Photography


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these past few weeks on instagram… I’m getting magnets made.  These pictures are always my favorite.  Get your instagram magnets right here at sticky.gram


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I finally got a break from school to get home and relax and it was glorious…

ain’t no party like a picnic party

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picture one & picture 2 || picture 3

slowly but surely

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After Waldo’s Garden was featured on 100 layer cake we got tons of e-mails and calls inquiring about this new/old untouched venue.  Then Decorative Arts was honored with the Retail Star of 2012 via Home Accents… it was apparent that, although different businesses, they both had an “in” to a bigger audience.  A fan base that goes past the tri-county area.  So it has been my mission to work my little digits off getting e-mails to magazine prospects (online & published!), e-mailing everybody involved, tweeting to online editors, sitting in Barnes & Noble collecting new magazines, researching tips to woo editors, bugging my friends that have interned at magazines, etc.

The answer is always “No” until you try!

Oh!  And if you (yes, you!) have any tips or advice regarding my venture it would be much appreciated


animated gif by charlotte anabar tripson

heels can be found at LuLu’s

meet sarah!

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I’m so happy to introduce Miss Sarah Jane Rozman to ze blog!  Sarah’s illustrations have always caught my eye and she obliged when I asked her if she would contribute to the blog which made me oh so happy!  You’ll love her drawings!  She is studying illustration.  We spoke briefly before we both came to UCF and actually met at orientation yet we never run into each other on campus!  Anyway, we are both from a seaside town so I thought this little number was rather fitting with the summer sun beaming down on this rather hot Orlando cement.

Which brings me to another point.  I do miss Vero Beach during the summa time.
“Have found paradise, send more wine”

illustrator || Sarah Jane Rozman


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With Mother’s Day amongst us I thought I’d show a little love to the Woman who birthed all this greatness.  I was supposed to be a boy – my name, Lauren.  It would’ve been cool but I’m sure I would’ve been teased my entire elementary and middle school career.  Instead I was a girl and was branded Charlotte Anabar (mixture of barbara & ann, my grandmas).  I was still made fun of for such an outlandish, elderly name but today I’m happy to not be one of 1987’s TOP  baby name choices.  Instead it seems I’m 2012’s top baby name choice – boo ya!  Isn’t it weird how you can tell a person’s age by their name?

Happy Mother’s Day Dear Hildie (in her head she’s going “you refer to me as Mother!”)

Another question on your mind may be how I keep accumulating the family’s photo albums  – but I’m keeping them safe and sound don’t you fret.

coffee table

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I’m in the livingroom 98 % of the day because the only other place to hang out is the bedroom, bathroom, or closet so it’s nice to look over at my dazzling new ikat tray I finally picked up!  I accompanied it with some of other amazing pieces I’ve collected throughout the year too.    Make a small change in your home this weekend – it’s extremely liberating!


ikat tray || frame || jellyfish || face candle || eye tray || bird cup ||