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Just a few images to try and get inspired today!

ya know what?

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the weekend is here!

industrial love

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via apartment therapy // cisco

my purse!

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Everyday I carry these exact items around and it’s starting to get a little too heavy!  Maybe I’ll look into a tablet (suggestions?)  instead of carrying around this laptop everyday!


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Because they’re kinda magical, right?


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the lost

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I made a new print this weekend.  I love this quote  (so does the entire internet world) but I wasn’t quite sure how to maneuver it on to paper and make it really have  meaning.  Well it came to me on Saturday!

it’s up on the ETSY store and will be in Decorative Arts next week!

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I found that font i wanted so ba ba ba bad but it was $50 and I can think of a lot of other things I could buy for $50 so I kept searching and a few weeks later – Boom.  I found a substitute found right here at Lost tpye for $5!  I’m a happy girl now.


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Send something via snail mail this weekend.  The receiver will appreciate it greatly!

rock supa star

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Now that’s a living area!  Be still my heart.