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print by charlotte anabar

some days / style 04

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 Thursday was such a bad day that I was sitting in another school’s office looking to transfer out of the web design program at UCF.  I like to think I was just being proactive in case this semester did not pan out like I had hoped.    I sent angry texts and emails letting a few people know how upset I was and that I’d tried my best but I was going to transfer into an easier / different program somewhere else.  I’m pretty impulsive.   Anyway, it ended up not being the case.  You just have to keep chugging along and believing in yourself  (plus surround yourself with people that believe in you!) .  by 5Pm I had settled down and then Friday came and my worries were  gone and  I had a little pep in my step once again. It just goes to show ya  “Some days are just simply better than others”.

Here’s a jam up song if you’re feeling in a funk like i was 

shirt | necklace | some day print | The Lake at Rollins in Winter Park | Photo Credit : Josh Janousky

inspiring faces

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photo by josh janousky | animated gif by me

so sweet

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stay in

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So October in Florida isn’t crazy cold (low of 75 here right now) but I kind of can’t wait for a day  when it’s too cold to move and I can just stay horizontal and catch up on movies I haven’t seen!  Moonrise Kingdom is on my list first followed by catching up on season 2 of Homeland!

shorts | umbrella | movie | shirt

wood and metal

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So easy!  So crafty.  I think i found my new favorite online shop!



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Found these magnets on pinterest and had to do a little investigating because they caught my eye!

source: shop. uncovet


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I’m gearing up for another style post this weekend and I am really into dots rights now!   This would be a cute little number to own.  I wear pearls with everything –   fake ones of course because if I dealt with real pearls I would probably be out thousands of dollars judging by the way I lose them on a monthly basis.

yellow pumps || bracelet || wooden clutch || dot dress || pearls

free iPhone Background!

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This mint really puts me in the mood for the holidays and makes me hungry for ice cream at the same time!