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downtown vero beach

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I was pretty excited 2 weeks ago when I was suggested to design Main Street Vero Beach’s Oktoberfest poster!  I love Vero so much and always want to see it flourish!  So if you’re in Vero on September 28th GO DOWNTOWN!


In work on September 22, 2012 at 11:19 am

It has come to my attention this week that I am drowning myself.   I went screaming out a room last week with a 1,000 yard stare because I realized I was working on other people’s requests and not even doing my own homework!  Too many side projects are happening.  I’m managing and pricing (along with my Mom) waldo’s garden, freelancing on the side, dreaming up ideas to make everything better, working  at Rifle Paper Company when I’m not at school and it’s too much.   It’s too much because I’m in a major that takes lots and lots of practice.  I’ve learned that learning programming  language is like learning Spanish, German, Russian, and French in one semester .  It’s just hard for me and it seems like everyone around me already knows it all.  The only things that comes naturally to me are socializing and eating .  So, although I’m already selfish – it’s time to get more selfish and really put my nose in the books because this semester is proving to be the beginning of the end.

photos || DesignLoveFest


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Happy Friday!   I’m looking forward to a little 5 O’ clock cocktail hour this evening.

the shoot

In Waldo's Garden on September 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm

The styled shoot I was shamelessly talking about for the past two weeks went live on Monday and I just wanted to be able to post it here too!  This is the Treehouse/Waldo’s Garden venue(in case you’re new here).  I’m very partial to the property because it’s where I grew up and I was so happy Vitalic was able to capture this unique area so naturally!  I can’t wait to be able to send future brides all these shots so they can see the endless possibilities we did.


Venue: Waldo’s Secret Garden   |   Photographer: Vitalic Photo   |   Styling: Vitalic Photo & Charlotte Tripson of Waldo’s   |   Florist: Waldo’s Garden   |   Invitations: Rifle Paper Co.   |   Cake: Classy Cupcakes   |   Dress: Lulu’s   |   Necklace: Stella & Dot   |   Vases, Animals, Balloons: DIY   |   Chargers: Pier1   |   Plates: Pottery Barn   |   Glassware & Flatware: Vintage   |   Accessories: Decorative Arts   |   Chevron Fabric: SpoonFlower – Kristopherk

free download

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I’m into messy patterns right now so here’s a little something for you!   Choose one or both and just save it to your computer and print it out!

image by me


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When in doubt always choose black and white!  It’s just plain snazzy.

layout by charlotte anabar

dress  || bracelet || iPhone case || oversized bag || wedges

styled by // 03

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I love this dress!  It came in the mail and I was very pleased considering online shopping is rather daring.  I was lucky to have Nicki from vitalic snap a few pictures of me for my style segment!   ( I’ve talked about these photographers this entire week on the blog but they’re well aware that I latch on like a lap dog now).

Being photographed can be  so awkward at times.  All the sudden you’re like – WHAT ARE MY ARMS DOING?  it feels like you have whac-a-mole mallets  hanging from your shoulders and they’re trying to do the robot!  Good visual?   I can see why the candid ones come out so great because you’re most natural and comfortable.

dress || LuLu’s || Location || Waldo’s Garden || Photographer cred ||Vitalic Photography

Blogshop Miami

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It’s been on my to-do list to attend a Blogshop but I was just waiting for the class to end up in Florida!  Well they are finally coming and instead of being a student I submitted my name as an intern!  I was so excited when I found out they were coming to Miami – I levitated out of bed last night to research it quickly and figure out my plan of attack.  One of the reasons I decided to even go to school and learn web and graphic design was because I was religiously following the founder of Blogshop, Bri Emery‘s blog DesignLoveFest

So Bri, or whoever may be checking out my blog – this is my first attempt to grab your attention.  Ya know, to plant the seed, if you will!  Throughout the month I’ll be submitting two other fun graphics and videos to ensure that i will be a great choice as your blogshop intern in Miami.

waldo’s secret garden

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I ran home over the weekend to assist with a photo-shoot on the property with Vitalic Photographers and although the photos should go live very soon I had to share my favorite that I took with my iPhone with a little editing in instagram and mobile photoshop.  Dreamy, right?

picture from my iphone

whoa nelly

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Do you ever have those days where you just need silence?  Those are usually the days I can’t collect my own thoughts so I can’t have any outside interference either.    Even ‘how are you’s‘ sound like a short novel.  I’ve procrastinated to the Nth degree so now it’s go time… or like go get stronger coffee time.  Nothing gets you moving like 10 deadlines and an overactive imagination!