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i woke up in a frivolous mood.  I love white.  I’ll buy an $100 white tank top if it suits me.  The problem is there are no nice white dresses available except in J.crew’s wedding section so I resorted to researching these lovely little dresses.  I would totally wear one of these on my wedding day or reception or to a random cocktail party.  They are just that amazing.

slowly but surely

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This weekend I’m making my work space livable!   I’ve got to start small so here’s only a few ideas to spice up my area.

wall light // dress // standing light // moss ball // foo dog

feather feature

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I’ve got a real thang for feathers!  I don’t own any feather prints because I really really want to learn how to draw them myself but of course if that fails – I’ll probably just cash in on these prints!

prints by river luna for etsy

weekend wooahh wooaahhh

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Ohhhhh whoa whoa whoa!  The weekend is finally here!  I did myself a favor and finally got cable!    I haven’t had it for an entire year.  I’ve been watching A LOT of news because there were the only 8 channels  I had to toy around with.

You’ve got to watch the video below!  SUCH an amazing rendition of  “Sexy and I know it” by LMFAO.


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I’ve been at my desk for … oh I don’t know, maybe 10 hours a day the past week or so.  Which doesn’t sound bad but I’m not browsing the web voluntarily I’m just working on projects for school so maybe that’s why it seems so draining.  Anywho, I realized how ugly my work area is! So I popped over to apartment therapy to get some grand ideas that i could emulate over the weekend.  Here’s some of my favorites.  I hope to have some before and after shots by Sunday!

sweet ideas

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I love all these little trinkets for ze home.

medicine jars + disco ball // mid west // bar cart // art plants // layout by me

glass lamp

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ahhhhh this lamp has got it GOING ON.  gimme, gimme, gimme!  Etsy is so much fun to browse through and find all this original work.

source || Luke Lamp Co.

layout by charlotte anabar

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I had a great pep talk with my dear cousin who I call my aunt and sometimes i actually forget which one it is… and she said this to me this morning.  Thought i would have to do a little something with it because I liked it oh so much!

design by charlotte anabar

app for breakfast

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I woke up a little late today and didn’t feel like making an egg so I grabbed the hors d’oeuvre  instead.  A little brie, granny smith green apples, and the tastiest rice crisps in the whole wide world.  I had to share with you.

rice crisps || brie || apples || design by me & from the little shop of horrors