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ain’t no party like a picnic party

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friday finds

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Ya know that rap song that’s all “I’m gettin’ paperrrrrrrr” and they’re shoveling out hundred dollar bills in the video?  Well, that’s like me except I’m actually just getting really dandy print paper from interning that desperately needs to get up off my floor and frame itself.  Here’s the non offensive version of the song.

THEN there’s this gem of a website that makes me laugh “stuff white people like” and i found myself guilty of #105 (among many others)

yepp, that’s right – unpaid internships… in my defense, most people I interviewed with in my field were unwilling to pay students for some odd reason but i chose the one I knew I’d enjoy the most and learn the most from!


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if your dream house doesn’t include a library complete with a ladder I’m really not sure you’re in the right place!  I have a feeling this book is somewhere in that pile.

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chloe richards

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I just found out Chloe Richards is the photographer behind some of my favorite pictures that I come across on occasion.   here are some other little diddys she done..

shop ruche

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A little something to trot around in all weekend

striped scarf || candy striped dress || laced clutch || vintage bathing beaut suit || gold & diamond camel ring

design: charlotte anabar

funky fire alarms

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is anyone else loving that retro is making a brand new scene in the fashion world?  It’s so easy to find a 50s inspired outfit or bathing suit!  I remember a few years ago I desperately wanted a bathing suit (like the one below!) and I found one on eBay – it was a vintage Lilly Pulitzer and i ordered that thing quicker than you can say ‘ wait, vintage bathing suits sizes are way frickin’ different and some elderly woman was wearing this 40 years ago!’.  It came and it ’twas rather nasty.  Lesson learned.

 { Hello! Sarah Jane Rozman back in the house with this amazing illustration! }

weekends are for fun

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This past weekend was jam-packed with  a wedding, a few babies, seeing old friends and new, limo rides (always a treat)!  I finally got to hold a few babies… I’ve been on a crazy “I need to be married and have babies” rant but I’m pretty sure it’s only because my Facebook mini-feed is filled with engagement announcements and baby births. I feel like everyone I talk to is feeling like that also.   I mean we’re 25, it seems normal but it’s totally okay to not have that life too.   When I feel like that I like to go home and hold my niece and nephews and it makes me feel happy but  also quiets down my need for things that ,in reality, I certainly can’t handle right now.  I mean, I’m living my own little amazing life and I need to stop looking at other people’s lives and embrace  my own. Nice pep talk.  Now go forth and work that thangggg.

I started feeling like 20 times better after I read this list about things you learn in your twenties.  I often think to myself how wonderful being in my 30s will be.

feeling pretty

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Don’t these pictures just make you feel all calm & pretty?

branding + design [ done right son ]

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I haven’t been back since Saturday!  that’s just bonkers, I know!  I’ve got this huge project in a program called “processing”  and it’s racking me brain ( said with a Scottish accent).  It took me forever to pass math and re-enter college so of course, it just occurred to me that I chose a major that’s based upon algorithms and mathematics in its own form… whateves, study hard!

In the meantime, check out these amazing bottles – branded so sweetly!

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if you could do it again would you change your approach?  I used to want a HUGE wedding.  I mean massive.  Now a small ceremony is looking good.  Quite possibly an elopement.  Of course, I’d come back and throw an amazing soiree after the fact.