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In fun, ideas on June 22, 2012 at 11:30 am

A post completely dedicated to blogs i like, places I go, and one thing I just learned.  Trying to get inspired and then i remembered that I needed to share the wealth!

 I || coco + kelley  [for interior design inspiration]

II || lime in the coconut [vero beach reppin’ , nurse, muse, interior designer at heart, crazy amazing eye for design]

III || i am breanna rose [besides her chic designs,  her eye for typography + music is rad… it just felt good saying rad.]

IIII || Mrs. Lilien’s Styling House  [it’s funky, funky fresh.  It’s disheveled yet organized, bright. happy, and unique! ]

AND!  Last but not least, I recently found out that you can find the source of a random picture (uh hmmm pinterest) just by dragging the image into the browser. see below.

this is SO important for people on the inter- web! I mean wouldn’t you be a little ticked if someone else was getting credit for your work?

  1. that google thing is AWESOME!!

  2. You!!! Muse yourself! Love that Google thinkin’!


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