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In fun, ideas, work on June 15, 2012 at 10:03 am

Ya know that rap song that’s all “I’m gettin’ paperrrrrrrr” and they’re shoveling out hundred dollar bills in the video?  Well, that’s like me except I’m actually just getting really dandy print paper from interning that desperately needs to get up off my floor and frame itself.  Here’s the non offensive version of the song.

THEN there’s this gem of a website that makes me laugh “stuff white people like” and i found myself guilty of #105 (among many others)

yepp, that’s right – unpaid internships… in my defense, most people I interviewed with in my field were unwilling to pay students for some odd reason but i chose the one I knew I’d enjoy the most and learn the most from!

tell me what you think!

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