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weekends are for fun

In fun, ideas on June 12, 2012 at 12:32 pm

This past weekend was jam-packed with  a wedding, a few babies, seeing old friends and new, limo rides (always a treat)!  I finally got to hold a few babies… I’ve been on a crazy “I need to be married and have babies” rant but I’m pretty sure it’s only because my Facebook mini-feed is filled with engagement announcements and baby births. I feel like everyone I talk to is feeling like that also.   I mean we’re 25, it seems normal but it’s totally okay to not have that life too.   When I feel like that I like to go home and hold my niece and nephews and it makes me feel happy but  also quiets down my need for things that ,in reality, I certainly can’t handle right now.  I mean, I’m living my own little amazing life and I need to stop looking at other people’s lives and embrace  my own. Nice pep talk.  Now go forth and work that thangggg.

I started feeling like 20 times better after I read this list about things you learn in your twenties.  I often think to myself how wonderful being in my 30s will be.

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