oh why hello there

two tacos coming up!

In food ideas on May 13, 2012 at 8:21 pm

First day of pinterest project was a complete success.  These tacos are so good I want nine more while I’m writing this.  I even used the tube cilantro (hey i never said i was a master).  Super low calories too.  It’s just scrum-didda-lee-uptous  and it will probably be lunch tomorrow as well.  Also, I don’t know who labeled greek yogurt as yogurt but that’s sour cream to the taste – that should always be accompanied with nachos bellgrande not fruit.

soundtrack \\ sammy d

  1. those look so yummy! i think the rule should be you throw a dinner party at the end with all the winning recipes surrounded by all your crafts!!!

  2. I have a feeling one craft is going to irritate me – that which we can burn while eating the award winners! muaha

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