oh why hello there


In family on May 12, 2012 at 8:55 am

With Mother’s Day amongst us I thought I’d show a little love to the Woman who birthed all this greatness.  I was supposed to be a boy – my name, Lauren.  It would’ve been cool but I’m sure I would’ve been teased my entire elementary and middle school career.  Instead I was a girl and was branded Charlotte Anabar (mixture of barbara & ann, my grandmas).  I was still made fun of for such an outlandish, elderly name but today I’m happy to not be one of 1987’s TOP  baby name choices.  Instead it seems I’m 2012’s top baby name choice – boo ya!  Isn’t it weird how you can tell a person’s age by their name?

Happy Mother’s Day Dear Hildie (in her head she’s going “you refer to me as Mother!”)

Another question on your mind may be how I keep accumulating the family’s photo albums  – but I’m keeping them safe and sound don’t you fret.

tell me what you think!

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