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rue mag

In fun, ideas, things on May 7, 2012 at 9:14 am

okay try to follow –  I fell upon RUE magazine, an online mag, via design sponge, an online designer website, which then lead me to this gal, bri emery who is the art director for RUE.  Phhewww done.  I became so obsessed i pretty much just give her website credit for me even wanting to remotely be a designer of sorts.  2 Photoshop classes later I was determined to hopefully follow (somewhat) in her footsteps.   Now I’m just doing all the odd ball coding aspect which is great!  but… I’m more about the aesthetics in the long run.

My point is their style is amazing.  The set-up of the magazine is absolutely beautiful.  Check it out you will surely enjoy it it’s better than any mag I’ve ever bought in the store.

tell me what you think!

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