oh why hello there

New York!

In Uncategorized on March 8, 2012 at 10:35 am

I was so happy to be on Spring Break & get to go to New York to see Sam!  We even got a glimpse of Hoda Kotb yesterday!  Lame?  It was beyond exciting – next to going into the NBC gift shop where we stacked up on shirts with SNL and the Office splattered all over them. Easily entertained – clearly. “Rich 50 is the middle class 38” – Jack donaghy (30 rock)

 quick lunch at Candle Cafe!  I got to try wheat grass, tempeh, and probably 5 other healthy things i was unaware of.

We popped over to milk (for the second time this week) because they have dankkkkkkk treats.  I had to bring some back to fla.

  1. I love this picture!! Char you look so beautiful. You too Sam! So happy you guys are having fun. Were there any Office t-shirts or onesies for Jack? Maybe with Dwight’s face?

  2. Aww….love this pic of you two cuties! Sam is so handsome! And of course our Char is beautiful! Have fun you two! Yes… for seeing Hoda!

  3. Ruth thank you for your sweet words! Kristen, thannkkkk you! I think Sam got you some nice office attire and something for Jack but nothing with dwight on it ):

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